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How long does a refurb take?

Standard service is 3 - 4 days depending on condition of wheels and workload.

We now offer a SAME DAY SERVICE. Wheels booked in for same day are started at 8am and complete by 5pm. Same day service costs an extra £10 per wheel.


                 Frequentley asked questions



Can I bring my wheels with tyres on?

Yes, we are now able to remove and refit tyres. Wheels are also balanced and fitted with new weights and new rubber valves or for just £10 per wheel.


Can I drive my car in and leave it on site?

YES! We now offer a same day DRIVE IN SERVICE. Cars booked in with us for 8am and ready for 5pm same day. Wheels back on , fully balanced, fully powdercoated from just £45 per wheel. Contact us for availablity and quotes



Will you coat my centre caps?

Yes, where possible we will powdercoat your centre caps. Due to the heat involved it is NOT possible to powdercoat plastic centre caps and we ask that you remove all items not unsuitable for coating prior to arrival.



Will my wheels look like new ?
No. Whilst we will always refurb and improve every wheel through sand and linishing, the finished product is still influenced by the original condition that we receive the wheels in. Heavy corrosion and exception damage cannot be removed 100 per cent.

Can you repair cracked wheels?

Yes, prices vary but we can quote you instantly on all cracked and damaged wheels.

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