Shot Blasting

Rust is the worst enemy of a metal surface. Rust or corrosion of any kind if left unattended results in the metal being eaten away completely. It becomes disastrous when we are talking about automotive. Any malfunctioning part due to the rusting of the metal can prove out to be catastrophic in the middle of the road. In case you have a rusting wheel that needs proper care, drive your vehicle to us, at City Wheel Refurbishment. Our experts make use of advanced technological shot blasting machines that provide efficient removal of dust and rust.

What is Shot Blasting?

Not long ago, some years back, sand blasting was used to remove the old paint and rust off the metal surface. The main drawback of using sand was the harmful residue produced during the procedure. Today, sand blasting is replaced by shot blasting techniques. In case the paint is to be removed for the new paint job or corrosion has crept into the metal that needs immediate removal, shot blasting Birmingham is the right choice. In shot blasting, shots of small abrasive substances are continuously fired onto the metal surface with a pressurised air force. Substances like small metal balls, organic shells of nuts, etc. are used for shot blasting.

Shot blasting helps a metal to develop a surface that is ready to apply a new coat of paint. The layers of paint adhere to the blasted surface in the best possible ways. It makes the surface rough enough for the paint to sit in the cavities formed on the metal. Another advantage of shot blasting is the removal of rust from the metal. Rusting can eat away the surface as well as the core of any metal body. With the help of shot blasting, rust can easily be removed.

When you come to us, at City Wheel Refurbishment, our experts provide excellent shot blasting Birmingham to bring back the old glory of your alloy wheels. They use shots that are friendly to the metal surface and cleans it with the best of efficiency. We also take care of the pressure being used in shot blasting according to the metal and structure of the wheels. If you want to experience our top-in-class service book an appointment with us today.

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