Polished Wheel Finishes

Alloy wheels require the outmost attention. Otherwise, they lose their essence. Would you want alloy wheels that do not look good? Alloy wheels that do not look good do not even seem like alloy wheels. Experts at Alloy Wheel Refurbishment UK are all set to look after the alloy wheels of your vehicle.

One of the most important aspects of alloy wheels is its design. Polished wheel finishes directly affect the design aspect of the alloy wheels. We offer numerous types of wheel finishes which are listed below. You can choose your preferred one!

Chrome Plated Finish

Chrome plated finish is the ‘mirror-reflective’ wheel style finish. In this, wheels are coated layers of copper, nickel and chromium. They lead to traditional reflective appearance. The bright finish is loved by most drivers. However, it needs to be noted that chrome finish does not offer a protective topcoat. Something else might be needed for prevention of rust.

Powder-coated Finish

Powder coated finish is the best option to look out in case you are seeking long resistance capability towards rust, heat, chips and scratches. This method requires to find ground particles of colour and resin to be electrically charged and sprayed to the surface. Following that, the wheel is heated in a curing oven to bake the finish.

This type of wheel finish offers wide variety of colours to choose from. The problem, however, can be that once the coating is done, a new colour cannot be recoated.

Clear-coated Finish

This type of wheel finish can also act an additional finish to other wheel finishes. The clear coated finish is mostly used on raw aluminium wheels or painted wheels. First, a thin layer of metal is shaved off from the wheel to give it a bright shine. Then, the wheel is coated so that corrosion can be prevented.

The clear coated finish is highly appealing for those vehicle owners who seek a machined look. Not to forget, the painted accents provide a protective topcoat. Most importantly, the paintwork can last for years altogether if it is not scraped.

PVD Finish

Physical vapour deposition gives a shine that potentially rivals that of conventional chrome plating. How? First, primer is coated on the wheel. Next, a thin metallic coating follows in a vacuum chamber. This requires the use of an advanced electrical bonding method. Lastly, acrylic powder coating needs to be sprayed for a perfect and protective finish.

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