What Are The Different Kinds of Tyre For Various Weathers

Being the only contact point of the car with the road, tyres are essential for providing necessary safety and comfort. Hence, it becomes crucial for motorists to get the purchase process of tyres right every time. Further, adequate tyre fitting Digbeth is also critical to the safety of a vehicle. But the question remains- what tyres will fit your car the best? The answer lies in the driving requirements of the vehicle on various road surfaces.

To help you with your choice, let us offer some of the different tyre types according to various driving conditions:

Summer Tyres

Summer posses a great risk of tyre blowouts because of the high temperatures. To fight with such extreme heat, tyres are intentionally hardened with the addition of more synthetic rubber to the mix. The tyres don’t give up to the heat easily and maintain their structure considerably. Summer tyres also have symmetrical tread pattern with lesser grooves on the main tread to perform highly on dry roads. The decreased number of grooves substantially reduces the rolling resistance of the car. This further helps in the better heat cancellation by the tyres.

Winter Tyres

Just opposite to summer, winter brings in the issues of aquaplaning and skidding of the tyres on snow-laden roads. To fight with such situations, tyres are made up of more ratios of natural rubber mixed with silica. The tyres don’t harden-up easily due to cold weather, and hence prevent any kinds of skidding on the road.

The tyres come with an increased number of grooves on the main tread for better water displacements. The tyres are also provided with some smaller grooves known as sipes to provide a biting edge to these tyres. These edges make sure to hold onto snow present on the road, and hence offer excellent traction. To enhance the grip of tyres further, they come with directional tread patterns.

All-Season Tyres

All season tyres are a perfect mix of winter and summer tyres. They come with an asymmetrical tread pattern that suffices the driving requirements of, both, summers and winters. One side of the tread is made to fight the challenging issues posed by cold winters while the other one finds its utility in providing excellent summer performance.

Just like winter tyres, all-season tyres come with dedicated grooves and sipes for better water evacuation. Whereas, the summer side of the tread has modified designs for excellent cornering and steering capabilities. It doesn’t mean that summer or winter tyres lose their importance. When it comes to the extreme of the weather conditions nothing can perform as good as dedicated tyres of that season. One should always remember the old saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

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