Top Five Benefits of Powder Coating of The Wheels

What makes your already beautiful alloy wheels more alluring. Yes, it is the tint and after-shine of a paint job. But what if we tell you that the liquid paint is the songs of old days? Today, to provide a better shade to the wheels, electro-statically charged resins and pigments are used instead of traditional liquid paints. The layering of these powders onto the wheels is called powder coating of the wheels. Powder Coating Digbeth is a great option to help wheels retain their shine for longer days.

To help you with the various benefits obtained from powder coating a wheel, we offer the following list of advantages:

Resistance to damage

It is not always a smooth road and well-levelled asphalt when one set out on a journey. Alloy wheels are a bit prone to chippings on these harsh terrains. To help them avoid any scratch from the stones and gravels present on these roads, powder coating is a boon. The non-porous layer formed due to a coat of powder helps the wheels to become resistant to small damages.


Powder-coated on the wheels are further baked in an extremely hot oven. The baking process helps the layers of powder to adhere to the surface of the wheels and form a smooth contact. As a consequence, the wheels are covered with a thicker layer of paint. This thicker layer enhances the longevity of the coat.


Powder coating is relatively an environment-friendly procedure of providing tints to the wheels. Volatile organic compounds from liquid paints are eliminated to all degrees because of powder coating. These compounds damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and hence allows the harmful UV-rays to penetrate through the atmosphere.

Uniform Coverage

While applying the layer of powder coats onto the wheels of a car, one can easily reach every corners and edge. Whereas painting with liquid paints is a meticulous task. The layers obtained with liquid paints are non-uniform and looks ugly if not done professionally. With the help of powder coats, one can easily reach to the most intricate parts of the wheels.

Reduces expense

As the powder coating remains adhered to the wheels for a long time, future paint job expenses are cut down to a greater degree. Another advantage of using powder coat is the prevention of the wheels against the corrosion. It saves the expenses attached to the refurbishment services of these corroded wheels.

Powder coating is the modern era method of shades and tints for a wheel. If you are looking for someone to provide a similar kind of professional paint job for your wheels, too, drive your vehicle to us. Our experts, at City Wheel Refurbishment, are skilled to impart excellent powder coating Birmingham services. To know more don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to help you.

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